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Tap into the collective experiences of vetted product leaders, driving product at companies such as:

96% of our members say ProductMentors help them progress with their daily work:

"I've learned more in my two sessions with Rasmus than I have in many hours of watching webinars, listening to podcasts, etc."
- Lauren, Product Manager

"His advice was from lived experience which is so much more valuable than information you can try to glean from a report or attending a webinar.
- Adinah, Product Manager

How it works?

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02. Get a 1:1 introduction to ProductMentors.
02. Find a mentor for your product challenge.
03. Book your first session when it suits you.
04. Show up and learn from the best.
05. Book as many sessions as you need.

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Why ProductMentors for your team

Competitive advantage

70% of Fortune 500 companies have a mentor program. Only 25% of smaller companies do.

Higher satisfaction

91% of employees who have a mentor are happy in their jobs.

Increased retention

Retention of employees with a mentor is 30% higher.

Diversity boost

Mentoring boosts minority representation at management level by 9-24%.

Featured mentors

Your team members get unlimited, practical advice and clarity from vetted product leaders 🧰

Alette Holmberg-Nielsen

Director at Maersk
Also: Bauer Media, Issuu


Brian Kyed

CPO & Co-founder at Airtame
Also: Moving Monday


Christian Sejersen

CEO at Omhu
Also: LEO Innovation Lab, Citrix, Nokia


Katherine Chong

Product Manager at Mergeflow
Also: York University, OneClass


Nilesh Dalvi

Senior Product Manager at Adobe
Also: Oracle, Nokia


Søren Fuhr

Co-founder & Head of Product
Also: Legacy, Linkfire, Able


About our mentors...

  • We handpick our mentors
    We handpick every single mentor based on their motivation to share lived and learned experiences, listen, and engage 1:1 with product managers of all kinds. Our mentors want to give back and they are all active product professionals. No consultants or full-time coaches here!

  • Advice from all company sizes
    Our mentors cover a range from product leaders and managers at large enterprises like Adobe, LEGO, and Maersk to founders of early-stage start-ups like Airtame and Teamway - and everything in between. Most of our mentors also have long careers with experience from all kinds of companies. No matter what your team is going through, we have someone who has been there before to help.

  • Our mentors cover all major regions
    We know that product management challenges are often tied to culture and local context. That's why our mentors are spread across the globe, with 60% of sessions in 2022 being in European time zones, 20% in the US, and 15% in Asia.

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